Black+Decker - Freeze Tag
An off-the-wall branded content piece designed shock you how easy it is to use Black+Decker products. As the writer-producer-director, I was hands on with every step of this production, including fabricating the arms. It was imperative that we did this practically and in camera which took quite a few tries and limbs... There were so many elements that went into the moment from bespoke clothing fabrication to specific hair direction. 
Director + Producer: Annalee Walton
DP: Alex Lu 
VFX Supervisor: Sam Stulin 
Editor: Sylvan Gu 
Art Assistance: Hailey Choi, Tri Tran
AD: Aayushi Shah
1st AC / Grip Swing: John Zeng
Sound Mixer: Peter Christmann
Key Makeup: Nina Carelli 
Key Hair: Cirsty Burton 
PA: Brandon Bukeima, Claire O'Neil ​​​​​​​
behind the freeze
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